Troubleshooting Guide

NEW! - eDEP now works with the latest Adobe Reader version 11.0.08 in both Internet Explorer AND Chrome (but not Firefox) (Sep 2014) – if you are using Chrome see : Troubleshooting eDEP  pdf format of Troubleshooting eDEP

This guide covers quick fixes for all of the common eDEP problems users have trying to file the SR forms such as:

  • Forms will not open
  • Forms will not validate
  • Adobe Reader version problems
  • Multiple browser sessions warning

PC Users download the guide HERE: Troubleshooting eDEP  pdf format of Troubleshooting eDEP

Mac users see Mac-specific instructions HERE: eDEP on a Mac

Thank you for your patience with our system.


Is your TIN/AQID combination not working ?

Sometimes the Tax Identification Number (TIN) we have on file is not correct - this is particularly common for facilities that have not yet filed in the new on-line system. In such cases, we have assigned a temporary TIN - this temporary TIN was included in the SR Notice letter mailed to the facility.

Once you login with the temporary TIN, you can correct the TIN on the SR Facility Information form. This TIN will be available for you to use the next time you file. If you are having problems getting to your forms, please contact the Source Registration Help Desk at for assistance.


Are you using a Mac?

Please follow this link to special instructions for Mac users: eDEP on a Mac .


Bugs & Problems 2014

We have spent much time testing this system. However, these are the most complex forms in eDEP and some minor problems inevitably will remain. Below is a brief description of known bugs in the system that you may encounter.  If you find a new bug please report it to or call the Source Registration Help Desk at 617-654-6665.

NEW! - Validation on using YEAR as an emission factor denominator -- We cannot accept "YEAR" as the denominator for an emission factor -- you will now receive a validation error if you indicate that your emission factor is expressed in lbs/year.  In general, you need to give the same units in the emission factor as you gave for the throughput for the emission unit (for example, if your unit uses paint in gallons per year, then the emission factor should be expressed as lbs/gallons).  If you have any problems with the validation, please contact Maureen Hancock at or 617-654-6665.

NEW! - Validation of max fuel rate on AP1 -- Q B.1.e, "Maximum hourly fuel rate" now has a validation to check for values that do not match Q 9.d "max input rating". The validation is intended to prevent values for maximum fuel rate that are above the maximum input rating of the device. If you have any problems with the validation, please contact Maureen Hancock at or 617-654-6665.

Short NAICS codes: The SR form will not accept NAICS codes that are less than six characters. Try to find a NAICS code that is six characters that is appropriate. If none are available, please email for assistance.

Foreign ownership: The SR form will accept ownership addresses from USA and Canada. If your facility owner has an address in another country, please contact

If you think you have found a bug that is not on this list, please contact us as soon as possible at

Disclaimer: Information here is based on MassDEP's experience, which may or may not apply to your computer setup. While we are happy to help you if you encounter issues using e-DEP, please note that MassDEP is not responsible for how you use the information on this website or any consequences of your actions to maintain or upgrade your system.

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