The 2017 MassDEP/MHOA Winter Seminars will be held in Devens, Hyannis, and Peabody, MA, in March. For more information and registration, please contact Ruth-Ellen Sandler at 603-652-9161 or by email, A registration form is also available at this link:

MassDEP & MHOA Training Presentations for 2017 Winter Workshops

  • Review of MassDEP Composting Regulations  pdf format of Review of MassDEP Composting Regulations

    Overview and guidance for implementation of 310 CMR 16.00, permitting, exemptions, best management practices, administrative requirements, and other resources. March 2017.

  • Emergency Response Exercise  pdf format of Emergency Response Exercise
file size 5MB

    An example of a detailed emergency-response process using an imaginary hazmat incident. March 2017.

  • Pressure Distribution Guidance  pdf format of Pressure Distribution Guidance
file size 3MB

    Calculations and design considerations for pressure distribution in certain types of septic systems. March 2017.

  • Private Well Guidelines  pdf format of Private Well Guidelines

    Updates on MassDEP's private-well guidelines. MassDEP does not regulate private wells but does oversee related programs such as Underground Injection Control and Title 5. March 2017.

  • Waste Bans and Recycling  pdf format of Waste Bans and Recycling
file size 1MB

    How MassDEP, Boards of Health, and consumers can work together to reduce waste and increase recycling rates. March 2017.

  • Title 5 Updates  pdf format of Title 5 Updates

    Overview of recent updates to 310 CMR 15.000, the Title 5 regulations. March 2017.