Image of Alert Triangle Notice of One-Year Dental Amalgam/Mercury Recycling Certification Deferral  pdf format of Notice of One-Year Dental Certification Deferral
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All Massachusetts dental facilities with 2015 and 2016 deadlines for submitting certifications now have until December 31, 2016 to submit their certifications to MassDEP.  MassDEP will advise dental facilities when the online certification forms are available.

Before You File: What You Need to Know

  1. You must have installed an amalgam separator before you can file your certification form.
  2. If your facility's ownership, tax identification number, affiliation, or practice name has changed since you last filed, please contact MassDEP to request correction to your database record before filing a certification form. See Dental Program Contacts in the column to the right.
  3. Before starting your online certification, gather the following information:
    • Your facility number and your RO account number. Contact MassDEP if you don't know them. See Dental Program Contacts in the column to the right.
    • Amalgam Separator make(s) and model(s), and date(s) of installation. See: Amalgam Separators
    • Credit card number for payment of the $460 filing fee (accompanies certification form every five years).
    • Waste amalgam transporter name and phone number.
    • Facility receiving your amalgam waste for recycling, address, and phone number. See: Amalgam Mercury Recyclers
    • Determine if you discharge wastewater to a public sewer.
    • Gather your maintenance records and manufacture's maintenance requirements.
  4. Contact MassDEP if you need assistance. See Dental Program Contacts in the column to the right.

When to File

  • IMPORTANT: Dental facilities that filed their certifications in 2007 must have filed their renewal certifications by June 15, 2012.
  • New dental practices and those that expand beyond the capacity of their existing amalgam separator(s) must install new amalgam separator equipment before the new/expanded facility starts operating, and must file initial certifications with MassDEP within 60 days of startup.
  • After initial certifications are filed with MassDEP, follow-up certifications are required every five years (generally by June 15 of the year they are due).
  • If you believe your practice is exempt from the regulation, you must still file a one-time certification to establish your exempt status. Exempt practices do not need to re-file after 5 years. A facility is exempt if it does not generate or discharge waste water from amalgam-related processes (such as tooth extraction). See the online certification form for details.

How to File

  1. Download the Dental Certification Forms Instructions  pdf format of Dental Certification Forms Instructions
doc format of                             Dental Certification Forms Instructions                and either print them for reference or keep them open on your computer and refer back to them as you proceed.
  2. Login to eDEP Online Filing   . If you have never used the system before, you will need to create an account first.
  3. If you encounter difficulty while attempting to complete eDEP forms, consult the Troubleshooting eDEP  docx format of Troubleshooting eDEP
pdf format of                             Troubleshooting eDEP                 guide for solving many common problems with the online filing system. If none of the suggested fixes work, please e-mail:

Need Help?

Contact MassDEP. See Dental Program Contacts in the column to the right.