301 CMR 40.00: Toxics Use Fees Regulations

Regulations setting fees for facilities subject to the Toxics Use Reduction Act (M.G.L. Chapter 21I). Implemented by the Administrative Council on Toxics Use Reduction.

301 CMR 41.00: Toxic or Hazardous Substances List

Regulations listing all chemicals and compounds subject to Toxics Use Reduction Act (M.G.L. Chapter 21I) planning and reporting requirements. Implemented by the Administrative Council on Toxics Use Reduction.

310 CMR 33.00: Employee & Community "Right to Know" Regulations

Regulations intended to ensure orderly dissemination of information related to toxic and hazardous substances in the workplace and community.

310 CMR 50.00: Toxics Use Reduction Regulations

Regulations implementing the Toxics Use Reduction Act (M.G.L. Chapter 21I).

310 CMR 70.00: Environmental Results Program (ERP) Certification Regulations

Cross-program compliance certification requirements for boilers, dental facilities, dry cleaners, engines/turbines, photo processors, printers and more.

310 CMR 73.00: Amalgam Wastewater & Recycling Regulations for Dental Facilities

These regulations apply to all Massachusetts dental practices and facilities that generate or discharge wastewater from mercury amalgam-related processes.

310 CMR 74.00: Removal & Recycling of Mercury-Added Vehicle Component Regulations

Regulations that prohibit the sale of mercury-added vehicle switches, require removal of switches and other mercury-added components before vehicles are crushed or shredded, and require compliance certifications.

310 CMR 75.00: Mercury-Added Product Collection, Recycling, Labeling & Sales Ban Regulations

Regulations that prohibit the sale of mercury-added products and lamps in Massachusetts unless manufacturers provide for collection and recycling of end-of-life products.

310 CMR 76.00: Mercury-Added Product Disposal Ban Regulations

Regulations that prohibit the disposal of mercury-added products in any manner other than recycling, disposing as hazardous waste or alternative method approved by MassDEP.

310 CMR 80.00: Underground Storage Tank (UST) Regulations

MassDEP regulations on installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and assessment of USTs.

527 CMR 5.06: Storage, Keeping & Use of Gasoline or Other Motor Fuel - Inventory

Regulations specifying daily inventory and record-keeping requirements for Massachusetts facilities with underground storage tanks for gasoline and other motor fuels.

527 CMR 9.00: Tanks & Containers Regulations

Regulations specifying design, construction, installation, testing and maintenance requirements for tanks and containers.

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