Ambient Air Toxics Guidelines

MassDEP's current health-based Allowable Ambient Limits (AALs) and Threshold Effects Exposure Limits (TELs), used to evaluate health risks from exposure to toxic chemicals in the air.

Chemical Research & Standards

Health, environmental and regulatory information about a range of toxic and hazardous chemicals and compounds.

Emerging Contaminants

Materials or mixtures that have a real or perceived threat to human health, safety or the environment, but for which regulatory standards have not been established or are evolving.

Household Hazardous Waste

Essential information on the handling and management of a range of common household chemicals and items.


Learn about mercury, its health and environmental effects, and how to safely handle and dispose of products containing it. Includes environmental monitoring data and fish consumption advisories.

Fluorescent & Mercury-Added Light Bulbs

Guidance for homeowners & businesses, including proper management, broken bulb cleanup and recycling drop-off locations.

Find Mercury Product Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Use an interactive map to search for locations near you that accept fluorescent light bulbs and other items containing mercury.


The science of manipulating tiny particles that are one-billionth of a meter in size.

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products

Safe management of medicines, insect repellents, sunscreens, perfumes, soaps, fragrances and lotions.

Permanent Waste Medication Kiosks in Massachusetts

Use an interactive map to find a kiosk in your community where you can dispose of prescription drugs that are beyond their expiration dates or people in your household no longer need.

Risk Assessment

Toxicity assessment, exposure evaluation and risk characterization for human health risk assessment at waste sites and landfills.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Facility owner/operator, UST system operator and third-party inspector (TPI) certification and compliance information, forms and instructions.