In 2006, Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to promulgate drinking water and waste site cleanup standards for perchlorate, a contaminant that was previously unregulated by any state or the federal government. MassDEP engaged stakeholders in this groundbreaking effort to gather and exchange information on perchlorate sources, occurrence, health risks, analytical monitoring methods and treatment techniques. Based on this information, MassDEP established a drinking water standard of two (2) parts per billion (ppb) for this emerging contaminant in 2006. The following year, MassDEP continued to consult with stakeholders about addressing other emerging contaminants, which led to the establishment of an Emerging Contaminant Workgroup. These proactive state initiatives are aimed at identifying new potential public health and environmental problems, and providing a process for deciding if and how MassDEP can or should address them.

Priority Contaminants & Status Reports

This list contains both those contaminants that MassDEP initially targeted in 2007 and continues to work on, as well as other contaminants the agency has identified since as requiring its attention.

For More Information

Contact C. Mark Smith, Acting Director of the MassDEP Office of Research & Standards, at or 617-292-5509.