Checklist for a Hazard-Free Home

Concerns about asbestos, lead, and other household hazards to note when buying or selling a home.

Department of Public Health (DPH) Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

The most important thing you can do to protect your child from lead poisoning is to find lead in your household and remove it as soon as possible.


Information and resources on lead, copper, mercury, perchlorate, and other drinking water contaminants.

Lead Contamination in Your Yard

Lead poisoning is one of the top environmental health threats to children. Learn how to protect them from exposure.

Ecological Risks of Lead Shot  pdf format of Ecological Risks of Lead Shot
doc format of                             Ecological Risks of Lead Shot

May 2009 assessment of risks associated with lead shot at trap, skeet and sporting ranges.

Lead Shot: Harmful Effects

Lead in the environment may pose a health threat to people who are exposed to it.

Managing Lead Shot at Ranges  doc format of Managing Led Shot at Ranges

MassDEP estimates that there are more than 150 active outdoor ranges where lead shot is present- many of them in sensitive wildlife habitats, such as wetlands.