The Massachusetts Mercury Management Act of 2006 (MMA) requires manufacturers of mercury-added lamps to file annual compliance certifications with the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). In these certifications, manufacturers must:

  • Provide the total number of mercury-added lamps they sold in Massachusetts during the year for which they are certifying.
  • Affirm that they are implementing the required plan for educating the public (and their customers) about lamp recycling.
  • Include data on lamp recycling by Massachusetts lamp users.

Lamps from manufacturers that do not file these certifications with MassDEP may not be distributed or sold in Massachusetts. MassDEP uses lamp sales and recycling data to determine the statewide mercury-added lamp recycling rate for each calendar year.

Please Note: Any company that imports mercury lamps from a foreign manufacturer without a presence in the United States is considered to be a "manufacturer" under the MMA statute and has the legal responsibility to file the appropriate certification with MassDEP, as well as take other necessary steps to comply with the law.

The following manufacturers have filed the required certifications with MassDEP for Calendar Year 2013:

  • BHK Inc.
  • Casio America Inc.
  • Cree (Formerly Ruud Lighting)
  • Do-It-Best Corp.
  • EarthTronics Inc.
  • Eiko Ltd.
  • Energetic Lighting
  • EYE Lighting International of N.A. Inc.
  • Fanlight Corp.
  • Feit Electric Co. Inc.
  • First Light Technologies
  • Fusion UV Systems Inc.
  • GE Consumer & Industrial
  • Global Consumer Products Inc.
  • Greenlite Lighting Corp.
  • Halco Lighting Technologies
  • Hamamatsu Corp.
  • Havells SLI Lighting
  • Interlectric Corp.
  • JKL Components Corp.
  • Light Sources Inc.
  • Litetronics International Inc.
  • Lumiram Corp.
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Megalight Inc.
  • Niagra Conservation Corp.
  • Osram Sylvania Inc.
  • Ottlite Technologies Inc.
  • Panasonic Corp of N.A.
  • Philips Lighting Co.
  • P.Q.L. Inc.
  • Satco Products Inc.
  • SK America d/b/a Maxlite Inc.
  • Sunshine Lighting
  • Superior Lamp
  • Superior Quartz Products Inc.
  • Technical Consumer Products Inc.
  • Ushio America Inc.
  • Verilux Inc.
  • Westinghouse Lighting Corp.

This list was last updated in June 2014.