Toxics Use Reduction (TUR) Planners are environmental, safety, or process professionals who have passed a uniform certification exam developed by the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and/or have demonstrated relevant education and experience.

Once certified by MassDEP, TUR Planners are qualified to prepare, write and certify toxics use reduction plans for companies that are required to report under the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA). There are two types of TUR Planners:

  • General Practice Planners may act as consultants to multiple clients, assisting them with plan development and certification.
  • Limited Practice Planners may certify plans only for the organizations that employ them.

TUR Planners are certified for a period of two years and are required to obtain continuing education credits from MassDEP during that period by participating in a variety of courses and activities intended to keep them current on toxics use reduction and resource conservation best practices. MassDEP maintains a Certified TUR Planners Directory: 

For additional information, see  Toxics & Hazards Regulations , Toxics & Hazards Policies & Guidance and Toxics Use Reduction Forms & Online Reporting, or visit the Toxics Use Reduction Planners Association .