Facilities that have an Environmental Management System (EMS) and that report chemical use under the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) now have the opportunity to integrate toxics use reduction planning into their EMS so they no longer have to prepare separate TUR plans.

What type of EMS would meet this TURA option?

An EMS would qualify as a "TURA EMS" if it shares the basic elements of the major EMS frameworks (ISO 14001, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Performance Track Program, Responsible Care®) and includes certain enhancements designed to ensure that the goals of toxics use reduction are incorporated into and implemented through the EMS. The EMS must:

  • Contain the 14 elements specified in the TURA regulations (all of which are consistent with the major EMS frameworks)
  • Include all of the facility's TURA production units
  • Identify all reportable toxics as significant aspects
  • Consider toxics use reduction when identifying significant aspects and establishing associated objectives and targets
  • Emphasize source reduction as the means of achieving objectives and targets
  • Have been in place for at least one full EMS cycle (i.e., plan-do-check-act) and have undergone an independent EMS audit.

Why would my company be interested in integrating Toxics Use reduction into our EMS?

The EMS and TUR planning processes are similar and seek continual improvement in environmental performance. This option allows you to integrate your toxics use reduction efforts into your more comprehensive EMS without having to continue to prepare separate TUR plan updates, thereby reducing duplication of effort.

When can my company begin?

Your company can start with the 2008 planning year (plans due by July 1, 2008), provided you have completed a TUR plan and two plan updates, you have an EMS that has been implemented and independently audited, and you make any modifications to the EMS needed to address the TURA requirements by July 1, 2008 and submit an EMS Progress Report to MassDEP by that date.

Where do I find additional information on TURA Environmental Management Systems?