Facilities that report chemical use under the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) have a new planning option available to them called Resource Conservation (RC) Planning. RC planning gives companies the opportunity to benefit the environment and save money by identifying ways to reduce energy, water, solid waste, or non-TURA regulated chemicals.

What is RC Planning?

RC planning uses the traditional TUR planning process to identify source reduction opportunities for one or more "natural assets." Assets that can be included in an RC plan include:

  • Energy (including shifting to renewable energy sources)\
  • Water
  • Materials and products that contribute to solid waste
  • Toxics used below TURA reporting thresholds

Chemical substances exempt from TURA reporting (either non-listed substances or substances specifically exempted from TURA). In some cases reductions in the use of one asset may reduce the use of another asset (e.g., reductions in hot water use will reduce energy use).

Why would my company be interested in RC planning?

If your facility has already gained experience in reducing toxics use, RC planning provides an opportunity to focus on other important areas of your facility's operations where further environmental improvement and cost savings can be achieved, such as reducing the use of energy, water, or materials. RC planning also is ideal for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change, since reducing the use of energy, water, and/or materials can achieve significant GHG reductions. For example, increasing energy efficiency means less fuel is consumed on-site or by power plants, thereby reducing GHG and other pollutant emissions.

When can my company begin?

Your company can start with the 2008 planning year (plans due by July 1, 2008), provided you have completed a TUR plan and two plan updates. RC planning is available every other planning year, so if you complete an RC plan for 2008, you must update your TUR plan in 2010. In 2012 you could return to RC planning for the same asset or a different asset than in your 2008 RC plan.

Where can I find additional information about RC Planning?