The results of your Class A, B, A/B or Reciprocity Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operator Exam - including your performance in each subject area and your overall score - will be displayed immediately after you answer the last question or you run out of time.

Please Note: Until the new scoring protocol has been incorporated into the web-based exam, test-takers who fail based on the old protocol will still receive an automatic notice of this failure at the conclusion of their exam. Therefore, until the new protocol is incorporated into the web-based version, MassDEP will continue to review all failed exams to see if the revised scoring will affect the exam's outcome, and will email the results of the re-scoring to each person who had failed based on the old protocol.

  • If you wish to calculate your exam results under the new scoring method, please use the subject area scores displayed on the results screen. The revised "passing" score protocol requires a score of at least 60 percent in each subject area AND a total score of at least 80 percent for the whole exam.
  • Be sure to print the results screen as documentation of your performance on the exam, as you will not be able to retrieve it later.

If you need to re-take an exam, you will need to pay the $75 fee each time. If you take and fail any combination of exams three (3) times in a row, you will have to wait six (6) months from the date of your third failure before attempting to take any exam again.

Maintaining Your Status as a Certified Class A, B or A/B UST Operator

  • Once MassDEP issues you a UST Operator Certificate:
  • Your certification belongs to you, not your employer.
  • There are no re-certification requirements.
  • You will be qualified to train Class C UST Operators.
  • If you change jobs but will still be responsible for UST systems, your new employer will need to designate you a Class A, B, A/B or C UST Operator, as appropriate, and document that you have the necessary training.
  • If the type of UST system(s) for which you are responsible changes, you may need to obtain additional training on the new system, but will not need to take another exam.