Before taking a Massachusetts Class A, B, A/B or Reciprocity Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operator Certification Exam, you will need to know and thoroughly understand the following 12 subject areas:

  • Corrosion Protection
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Financial Responsibility, Registration & Notification
  • General Definitions
  • General Requirements
  • Leak Detection
  • Operator Training Requirements
  • Product Compatibility & Regulated Substances
  • Reporting & Record Keeping Requirements
  • Spill & Overfill Prevention
  • Tanks & Piping
  • UST Testing Requirements

To be sure you have the knowledge and understanding you need to pass a UST Operator Certification Exam, please carefully review the materials below, and either print them out or bookmark them in your web browser so you can consult them as you take your exam.

NOTICE: Operator Training & Exam Preparation Services

MassDEP has become aware of companies offering Class A, B and A/B operator training and exam preparation services, including individual support while taking an exam. Pursuant to 310 CMR 80.02(7)(e)&(8)(e), Class A, B and A/B "operators shall demonstrate knowledge of UST systems in general and all applicable state regulations by taking and passing an operator examination, as required by the Department."

Please Be Advised: It is not permissible for someone other than the Class A, B or A/B operator who logs into the system to take the examination or provide the answers to the questions.

UST Operator Exam Reference Materials

Please Note: Reference materials are PDF files that will open in new windows. If you need this information in an alternate format, contact the UST Hotline: 617-556-1035, extension 2, or

The reference materials at the links below were used to develop the subject area questions for each exam.

Because the exam is "open book," you may find it helpful to both review these materials before you start and to consult them while you are answering questions. Keep in mind, though, that you will need to complete your exam within the allotted running time. See: Select Your Operator Class & Exam

MassDEP Regulations

EPA Publications