About Third-Party Inspectors

The owners/operators of most underground storage tanks in Massachusetts were required to have their USTs and associated piping inspected by Third-Party Inspectors by August 8, 2010. Inspections must be repeated every three years.

Third-Party Inspectors conduct detailed inspections of USTs and piping systems, and:

  • Document the results of their on-site inspections;
  • Review facility record keeping to ensure it meets UST Program requirements; and
  • Submit reports on their findings to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

Reports must be submitted to MassDEP on the Third-Party Underground Storage Tank Inspection Report doc format of FP-289: Third-Party UST Inspection Report
pdf format of FP-289: Third-Party UST Inspection Report (FP-289) form. See Guidance on Submitting UST Forms Electronically pdf format of Guidance on Submitting UST Forms Electronically
doc format of tpisubmit.doc for additional information.

Third-Party Inspectors are hired directly by tank owners and operators. Inspectors report UST facts to MassDEP. While they provide advice to their clients about compliance issues, they are not authorized to enforce laws and regulations.

Contact Information

To learn more about the MassDEP Third-Party UST Inspection Program, call the agency's UST Hotline at 617-556-1035, Extension 2, or write: DEP.UST@state.ma.us