What is the Role of a Third-Party Inspector?

Third-Party Inspectors conduct detailed inspections of USTs and piping systems, and:

  • Document the results of their on-site inspections;
  • Review facility record keeping to ensure that it meets UST Program requirements; and
  • Submit reports on their findings to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

Reports must be submitted to MassDEP on the FP-289: Third-Party Underground Storage Tank Inspection Report  pdf format of FP-289: Third-Party UST Inspection Report
doc format of                             FP-289: Third-Party UST Inspection Report                form. Third-Party Inspectors are hired directly by tank owners and operators. Inspectors report UST facts to MassDEP. While they provide advice to their clients about compliance issues, they are not authorized to enforce laws and regulations.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, Third-Party Inspectors must not be:

  • Owners or operators of the USTs they are inspecting;
  • Employees of the owners or operators of the USTs they are inspecting; or
  • Responsible on a daily basis for USTs they are inspecting.

Who Qualifies to be a Third-Party Inspector?

  • Massachusetts Third-Party Inspector is someone who has (a) completed training required by MassDEP and (b) holds at least one of the following credentials:
  • Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer (PE)
  • Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional (LSP)
  • UST inspector certification issued by an independent organization (such as the International Code Council or New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission)

Alternatively, an applicant may submit to MassDEP for review and approval a UST inspector certification issued by an agency of another state with UST regulations similar to those enforced in Massachusetts.  If none of the above apply, a resume identifying directly related UST training and experience may be submitted for MassDEP approval.  

All applicants are required to complete Third-Party Inspector Qualification Statements to verify their credentials and must mail their statements to:

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Prevention - UST Program
P. O. Box 120-0165
Boston, MA 02112-0165

Attention: TPI Qualification Statement

What if my Third-Party Inspector Qualification Statement is not approved?

If you do not meet the Third-Party Inspector requirements, you will not be able to perform Third-Party Inspections in Massachusetts. However, you will be notified how to obtain the necessary certification, training and experience to gain approval.

Can Third-Party Inspector approval be suspended or revoked?

Your eligibility to conduct third-party UST systems inspections may be suspended or revoked by MassDEP for violations of state requirements.

Where can I find a list of Third-Party Inspectors?

See the Supporting Documents section of the MassDEP Third-Party UST Inspector Program web page for additional information.