The Massachusetts Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program was transferred to the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) on July 1, 2009. Under the enabling legislation (Section 7 of Chapter 4 of the Acts of 2009), MassDEP is currently administering the UST program through existing Department of Fire Services rules and regulations (527 CMR 9.00). In addition, MassDEP has assumed responsibility for maintaining an inventory of all USTs across the state (527 CMR 5.06). This fact sheet summarizes your obligations as the owner and/or operator of one or more UST systems in Massachusetts.


You are required to register all new USTs, any changes in ownership, and significant modifications to existing systems with MassDEP. Please make sure that the information MassDEP has on file for your UST(s) is up to date by checking the UST Query Tool . If you need to update any of the information for the UST(s) that you own and/or operate, please file a revised FP-290 notification form right away.

On-Site Inspections

You must have your UST(s) inspected once every three years by a registered Third-Party Inspector (TPI). Information about inspections and a list of TPIs who are registered to perform inspections in Massachusetts. See:  Third-Party UST Inspection Program

Compliance Deadlines

The first compliance cycle for required third-party UST inspections ended on August 8, 2010. All USTs should have undergone their initial required inspections by that date. As a UST owner and/or operator, you need to know:

  • The second round of third-party UST inspection must be completed and the TPI's report must be submitted to MassDEP no later than three years from the date of your first third-party UST inspection.
  • If you missed the August 8, 2010, third-party UST inspection deadline, you must have your UST(s) inspected and submit the TPI's report to MassDEP as soon as possible to avoid potential enforcement action. Your next inspection must be completed and the TPI's report submitted to MassDEP no later than August 8, 2013, regardless of the date your first required inspection was (or will be) performed.

MassDEP encourages you to avoid potential scheduling problems by having your next required third-party UST inspection performed well ahead of the submittal deadline that applies to your facility.

Online Resources

MassDEP UST Program information, forms and compliance assistance are available online. See: Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

MassDEP UST Forms

Register underground storage tanks with MassDEP, notify the agency of changes in their status, and report the results of third-party inspections.


If you would like to speak with a member of the MassDEP UST Program staff, please call: 617-556-1035, extension 2. You may also email questions to:

Release Reporting

To report a release from a leaking underground storage tank system, please immediately call your local fire department AND the MassDEP 24-hour Emergency Response Line at 1-888-304-1133.