Drinking Water Forms

Permit applications and reporting forms for operator certification, consumer confidence reports, emergency response, the Ground Water Rule, and other MassDEP Drinking Water programs.

State Revolving Fund (SRF) Applications and Forms

Applications and forms for Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan packages.

Title 5 Septic System Forms

Septic-system additives, innovative/alternative technology approval, system installation, inspection, construction, enforcement, shared systems, and variances and local upgrade approvals.

Underground Injection Control Forms

Forms and documentation for Underground Injection Control permits.

Water Management Act Forms

Water Management Act withdrawal permits, reporting, seasonal demand management plans, water audits, and water conservation forms.

Wetlands and Waterways Forms

Chapter 91 Waterways licenses, Wetlands Protection Act permits, Water Quality Certifications, herbicide application, renovation of abandoned cranberry bogs, permit-specific fee transmittal forms, and field-data collection forms.

Wastewater Forms

Groundwater discharge, reclaimed water, stormwater, NPDES, industrial wastewater, residuals, sewer permits, and wastewater-operator certification forms.