Industrial Wastewater/Holding Tanks Forms

  • BRP WP 91, 92 - Permit for Industrial Sewer User

    Specific industrial facilities that discharge wastewater to Publicly Owner Treatment Works (POTWs) need to obtain sewer connection permits. This permit replaces BWP IW 38, 39. June 2014.

  • Sewer Connection Forms
    Most facilities with specific Standard Industrial Classification (SIC Codes) and industrial wastewater discharges of 25,000 gallons per day or less to smaller treatment plants are required to submit certifications.
  • Industrial Wastewater Holding Tanks
    Owner/operators of holding tanks, mobile tanks and containers used for non-hazardous, non-sanitary wastewater need to file one-time certifications.
  • Dry Cleaners
    Annual certification forms and instructions for dry cleaning facilities.
  • Photo Processor Forms
    Annual certification forms and instructions for photo processing facilities.