If you have an MCL violation or potential MCL violation, do the following.

Call MassDEP during work hours: speak to a Drinking Water staff person as indicated below:

Northeast Region

Tatyana Karpenko, tatyana.karpenko@state.ma.us, 978-694-3233

Hilary Jean, Hilary.Jean@state.ma.us, 978-694-3229

Tom Mahin, DWP Chief, Thomas.Mahin@state.ma.us, 978-694-3226

Central Region

Paula Caron, Paula.Caron@state.ma.us, 508-767-2719

Andrea Lemerise, Andrea.Lemerise@state.ma.us, 508-767-2723

Eugene Brunelle, Eugene.Brunelle@state.ma.us, 508-767-2710

Paul Anderson, DWP/MS Chief, Paul.Anderson@state.ma.us, 508-767-2802

Southeast Region

Karen Dube, Karen.Dube@state.ma.us, 508-946-2720

Charles Shurtleff, Charles.Shurtleff@state.ma.us, 508-946-2879

Rick Rondeau, DWP Chief, Richard.Rondeau@state.ma.us, 508-946-2816

Western Region

Kimberly Longridge, kimberly.longridge@state.ma.us, 413-755-2215

Douglas Paine, Douglas.Paine@state.ma.us, 413-755-2281

Deirdre Doherty, DWP Chief, Deirdre.Doherty@state.ma.us, 413-755-2148


To report a Tier I violation after DEP work hours & holidays:

Call the DEP 24-hour emergency number: 888-304-1133

The emergency response person will refer your call to the drinking water person on call in your region.


Boston program lead

Marie Tennant, Marie.Tennant@state.ma.us or 617-292-5885


Failure to monitor violations: check violation notice (NON) for PN requirements and /or consult with a Drinking Water staff person.


Massachusetts Public Water Supplier contacts sorted by Town: Public Water Supply Contacts xls format of MA Public Water Supplier contacts sorted by Town
pdf format of MA Public Water Supplier contacts sorted by Town