• Annual Notice to Local Boards of Health pdf format of Annual Notice to Local Boards of Health

    Yearly update for Boards of Health on drinking-water issues. June 2014.

  • Recreational Camps Licensed by Local Boards of Health pdf format of Recreational Camps Form
doc format of Recreational Camps Form

    Annual inventory of recreational camps licensed by local boards of health. The State Sanitary Code, 105 CMR 430, requires boards of health to notify MassDEP and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health upon issuing a license to a camping facility. March 2014.

  • Drinking Water at Local Fairs doc format of Drinking Water at Local Fairs

    Recommended procedures for boards of health to oversee the safety of water supplies at local fairs. Updated May 2014.

  • Transient Non-Community Systems Annual Water Quality Reports

    The TNC Annual Water Quality Reports were mailed out on September 4, 2013. Reports must be signed and posted by each TNC.

  • Certified Laboratories

    Laboratories that MassDEP has approved for drinking water analysis. Also includes forms, policies and regulations.

  • FAQs: Public Health and Drinking Water

    Questions and answers about health concerns as they relate to drinking water supplies. How can a consumer find out more about the health impacts of certain ingredients or contaminants in their drinking water? Is bottled water safer to drink than public drinking water? What is a boil water alert? What is an acceptable level of risk? Answers to these questions and more. October 2008.

  • FAQs: Standards & Testing

    How standards for water safety are set, what those standards mean, how they are enforced, and testing frequency. October 2008

  • Private or Public Drinking Water System pdf format of Private or Public Drinking Water System
doc format of Private or Public Drinking Water System

    Information presented in chart form to help determine whether your supply is a public or private facility.

  • West Nile Virus Application of Pesticides to Wetlands Resource Areas and Buffer Zones, and Public Water Systems (Guidance BRPG01-02) doc format of Pesticide Application in Wetlands Areas

    Guidance to determine if mosquito control work (e.g. application of pesticides) is exempt or requires an Emergency Certification under the Wetlands Protection Act, and whether application of pesticides to a public water source for mosquito control can go forward.

  • West Nile Virus & Massachusetts Public Drinking Water Systems

    Balancing the need to control disease-bearing insect populations and the safety of drinking water supplies.

  • Bottled Water

    MassDEP does not regulate bottled water, which is under the oversight of the Department of Public Health. We provide some informational resources on the topic here. 

  • Private Wells

    Private wells are under the jurisdiction of local boards of health. This page includes guidance, testing, and maintenance recommendations and other resources for private well owners.

  • Septic Systems/Title 5

    Guidance, policies, regulations, frequently asked questions, fact sheets and other reference materials relative to conventional septic systems and innovative or alternative wastewater treatment systems.

  • Manganese Monitoring Notice to Public Water Suppliers pdf format of Manganese Monitoring Notice to Public Water Suppliers
docx format of Manganese Monitoring Notice to Public Water Suppliers

    As part of a continued effort to provide timely information to protect public health, MassDEP is raising awareness regarding levels of manganese in Massachusetts Public Drinking Water systems.