The Well Driller Program is making the contents of the electronic database available to those in the well drilling industry, local, state and Federal government, and to the general public. Access to the data is through the online program SearchWell .

It must be understood that this data is "as-is" and while we make an effort to maintain quality, the data has been provided to a great extent from cards which had been submitted to the Program and then entered by hand. Recently, records have been entered electronically by the drillers themselves.

Over time, more data exists electronically and of those, more are being tied to a Latitude and Longitude, allowing them to be plotted. When using SearchWell, the user MUST be aware that not all wells are recorded due to the lack of location information. The map below and the associated Excel spreadsheet indicate the number of wells in the database and the number which have coordinates (and are available in SearchWell). Additional data may exist in the files and are awaiting data entry. Please be familiar with the data contained on this page prior to accessing SearchWell.

Questions regarding the SearchWell Program may be directed to Steve Hallem, Well Driller Program, MassDEP, 1 Winter St., Boston, MA 02108, 617-292-5681 or

SearchWell Database Status Map pdf format of Well Driller's Program - Status of SearchWell Data
file size 8MB

SearchWell Database Status Spreadsheet xls format of SearchWell Inventory Summary

SearchWell Application