Well Drillers Program

  • 310 CMR 46.00: Certification of Well Drillers and Filing of Well Completion Reports

    The process and qualifications for certification of well drillers, and their responsibilities under that certification.

  • List of Certified Well Drillers  pdf format of List of Certified Well Drillers
xls format of                             List of Certified Well Drillers

    List of Massachusetts-certified well drillers. In Massachusetts, only registered drillers can drill wells. Current as of July 11, 2017.

  • Well Driller Program - SearchWell

    An online service to help locate wells around the state.  Wells are mapped by town with information on how many wells are recorded in the database.  Search by location, well type, and other options, and view GIS maps of recorded well locations.

  • Underground Injection Control

    The Underground Injection Control Program protects groundwater sources by regulating the injection of fluids from drains and other underground outlets into these sources.

  • Private Wells

    Private wells are under the jurisdiction of local boards of health. This page includes guidance, testing, and maintenance recommendations and other resources for private well owners.

  • Massachusetts Boards of Health Lookup

    Online directory of boards of health and health districts, provided by the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards.

  • Well Drillers Program Advisory Committee

    This informal group advises MassDEP on issues relating to the drilling of wells and the regulation, training, and certification of well-drillers in Massachusetts.  This group has also provided guidance input on program development and potential regulatory changes. It meets on an as needed basis.

External Resources

GPS Tools

Well Drillers Forms

  • Well Completion Report Correction & Change Request  doc format of Well Completion Report Correction/Change
pdf format of                             Well Completion Report Correction/Change

    Request to change information on a previously submitted Well Completion Report.  Rev. March 2012.

  • Well Driller Recertification

    Renewal letters are sent to MassDEP registered drillers near the end of October each year. The completed form and fee for renewal and rig renewal (if any) needs to be received by the end of the calendar year. Registrations run from January to December. If you are a driller not previously certified in Massachusetts, please contact Steve Hallem at 617-292-5681 or by email to stephen.hallem@state.ma.us.

Well Drillers Forms - eDEP Online Filing