Fall 2011

604b: Funds can be used to determine the nature, extent and causes of point and non-point pollution problems in a watershed and to develop plans to resolve these problems. In NPDES-regulated areas, 604b funding cannot be used for projects that address requirements of existing or draft NPDES stormwater permits. Watershed based surface water quality assessment and planning projects in MS4 areas, however, remain eligible for 604b funding.

319: Draft and Final NPDES MS4 and RDA stormwater permit requirements dictate eligibility for s.319 Nonpoint Source Competitive Grant projects. In areas covered by these permits, 319 funds cannot be used for work that is required in the permits. In 2010 EPA released draft small MS4 permits for many areas of Massachusetts, and released a draft NPDES permit for residually designated discharges in the municipalities of Milford, Bellingham and Franklin, Massachusetts. The draft permits are much more prescriptive than the existing permits, and make it ineligible to use 319 funding to carry out most work to mitigate municipal stormwater discharges to impaired waters in areas covered by the draft permits.

Why are these eligibility issues important?

604b-funded assessment work is often the basis for 319 implementation proposals. 604b-funded plans for BMPs in regulated areas will not be eligible for 319 funding. You should be aware of this, and endeavor to propose a project with deliverables that will not rely on 319 funds for implementation in MS4 or RDA areas.

Where can you find out about the regulated areas in your town?

  • Go to the EPA web site for Regulated Communities in Massachusetts.
  • Scroll down to the town you are interested in. Click on the '303d/305b' map. Areas in green represent the regulated areas affected by the permit. Areas in yellow are not affected by the permit.

Potential 319 and 604b applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss proposal ideas and eligibility with program staff prior to the early January issuance of the 604b solicitation and early April issuance of the 319 solicitation. Please contact Jane Peirce, 319 Program Coordinator, at 508-767-2792 or jane.peirce@state.ma.us or Gary Gonyea, 604b Program Coordinator, at 617-556-1152 or gary.gonyea@state.ma.us.