314 CMR 20.00: Current Regulations

  • 314 CMR 20.00: Reclaimed Water Permits  pdf format of 314 CMR 20.00: Reclaimed Water Permits

    These regulations were last amended in March 2009.

  • 314 CMR 20.00: Sections

    20.01: Purpose and Authority
    20.02: Definitions
    20.03: Permit Requirements for Reclaimed Water Systems
    20.04: Public Notice Requirements for Reclaimed Water
    20.05: Additional Requirements for Reclaimed Water Systems
    20.06: Requirements for the Use, Sale, Distribution or Offering for Use, Sale or Distribution of Reclaimed Water
    20.07: Activities not Requiring a Permit Under 314 CMR 20.00, 314 CMR 3.00 or 314 CMR 5.00
    20.08: Effect of a Permit
    20.09: Restrictions on the Issuance of a Permit
    20.10: Application for a Permit for a Reclaimed Water System
    20.11: Required Submissions for Reclaimed Water Permit Applications
    20.12: The Engineering Report
    20.13: Requirements for Use of Reclaimed Water Systems for Irrigation
    20.14: Requirements for Privately Owned Reclaimed Water Systems
    20.15: Signatories to Permit Applications, Reports and other Submittals
    20.16: Continuation of an Expiring Permit that was Issued by the Department Pursuant to 314 CMR 20.00
    20.17: Special Permit Conditions
    20.18: General Permit Conditions
    20.19: Modification, Transfer, Suspension, Revocation and Renewal of Reclaimed Water System Permits Issued by the Department Pursuant to 314 CMR 20.00
    20.20: Appendix A

314 CMR 20.00: Proposed Amendments & Public Comment

  • There are no proposed regulations out for public comment at this time.

314 CMR 20.00: Recently Promulgated Amendments

  • There have been no recent amendments to these regulations.

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