310 CMR 36.00: Current Regulations

  • 310 CMR 36.00: The Water Management Act Regulations  pdf format of 310 CMR 36.00: The Water Management Act Regulations

    These regulations were effective November 2014.

  • A Summary of the Revisions to the Water Management Act Regulations 310 CMR 36.00  pdf format of A Summary of the Revisions to 310 CMR 36.00
  • 310 CMR 36.00: Sections

    36.01: Authority
    36.02: Purpose
    36.03: Definitions
    36.04: Withdrawals Requiring a Registration Statement
    36.05: Exemptions
    36.06: Filing a Registration Statement
    36.07: Registration Conditions
    36.08: Modification of a Registration
    36.09: Transfer of Registration Statements
    36.10: Registration Renewal Requests
    36.11: Annual Statement of Withdrawal for Registrations
    36.13: Safe Yield
    36.14: Streamflow Criteria
    36.16: Withdrawals Requiring a Permit
    36.17: Effective Dates and Expiration Dates for Permitting by Water Source
    36.18: Applying for a New or Renewed Permit
    36.19: Determining Permit Tier for an Application
    36.20: Site Specific Evaluation
    36.21: Contents of a Permit Application
    36.22: Coldwater Fish Resource, Minimization, and Mitigation Planning Requirements
    36.23: Public Notice Requirements
    36.24: MEPA Requirements
    36.25: Incomplete Applications
    36.26: Application Review
    36.27: Issuance of Permits
    36.28: Permit Provisions and Conditions
    36.29: Permit Amendments, Suspensions, and Terminations
    36.30: Permit Application Denials
    36.31: Reporting and Review Requirements for Permits
    36.33: Transfer of a Permit
    36.34: Fee Schedule
    36.35: Nonconsumptive Use Statements
    36.36: Recognition of Normal Variation for Existing Withdrawals
    36.37: Appeals
    36.38: Signatures
    36.39: Right of Entry
    36.40: Declaration of Water Supply Emergency
    36.41: Actions to Resolve Water Supply Emergency
    36.42: Duration of a Water Supply Emergency
    36.43: Orders, Violations, and Penalties
    36.44: Severability

310 CMR 36.00: Proposed Amendments & Public Comment

  • Response to Comments for 310 CMR 36.00 2014  doc format of Response to Comments for 310 CMR 36.00 2014

    MassDEP received written comments and oral testimony in response to the revisions of 310 CMR 36.00. This document shows the responses and comments on changes in WMA permitting. 

310 CMR 36.00: Recently Promulgated Amendments

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