314 CMR 7.00 governs extensions and connections of sewer systems in order to ensure proper operation of wastewater treatment facilities and sewer systems in the Commonwealth.

314 CMR 7.00: Sewer System Extensions & Connections  pdf format of 314 CMR 7.00: Sewer System Extensions & Connections

These regulations were last amended in April 2014.

314 CMR 7.00 Email for questions: Sanh.Tran@state.ma.us

314 CMR 7.00: Proposed Amendments & Public Comment

  • There are no proposed regulations out for public comment at this time.

314 CMR 7.00: Recently Promulgated Amendments

  • There have been no recent amendments to these regulations.

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Sewer Connections/Extensions Forms

  • About the Industrial Wastewater Management Program

    How MassDEP regulates discharge, treatment, and storage of industrial wastewater to protect the environment.

  • Sewer Connection/Extension Regulatory Update

    In accordance with revisions to 314 CMR 7.00 Sewer Extension and Connection Permitting regulations, promulgated June 20, 2014:

    • MassDEP will retain the existing permit requirements for certain industrial facilities (by SIC code) that discharge greater than 25,000 gallons per day to a treatment facility that does not have an approved industrial pretreatment program.
    • MassDEP will retain its ability to require a permit where the Department determines that the discharge will, or has the potential to, pass through the treatment facility, cause water quality violations in the receiving water, or by-pass treatment.
    • MassDEP will no longer issue permits for sewer extensions or connections for discharges that do not meet the thresholds for state permitting described above.

    Accordingly, permit categories BRP WP 55, 71, 74 (Sewer System Extension, Connection or Industrial Wastewater) and BRP WP 72, 73 (Compliance Certification for Sewer Extensions less than 1000 ft. or Sanitary & Industrial Connections 15,000-50,000 gpd) are eliminated. Permit category BWP IW 38, 39 has been replaced with BRP WP 91, 92.

  • BRP WP 91, 92 - Permit for Industrial Sewer User

    Specific industrial facilities that discharge wastewater to Publicly Owner Treatment Works (POTWs) need to obtain sewer connection permits. This permit replaces BWP IW 38, 39. June 2014.