Addendum B of the NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Small MS4s contains guidance for meeting the requirement of historic property protection. MassDEP has summarized

Addendum B but recommends that applicants read the entire permit and appendices.

  1. To determine eligibility, you must know the following:
    1. Where historic sites are located
    2. Where outfalls are located or where your construction of Best Management Practices will be before you know whether you affect a property.
    Adverse Affects: means not limited to damage, deterioration, alteration, or destruction of historic property or place.
  2. The State Registry of Historic Places identifies properties that are listed or eligible for listing on the National Register.
  3. Your local Historic Commission can provide exact locations as well as who's been added since 2001.
  4. If the historic site is not in the path of existing discharges or proposed construction or BMPs, you can check the yes box on the NOI form.
  5. If the historic site is in the path of discharges or proposed construction or BMPs, Massachusetts Historical Commission must make a determination. 617-727-8470.
  6. To coordinate with the Massachusetts Historical Commission:
    1. Download a Project Notification Form from the website:
    2. Send to MHC with required information;
    3. Save a copy of the determination with your Stormwater Management Program.
  7. When you identify your discharge locations and make the determination that you can meet the permit eligibility criteria for protection of historic properties under the permit, you should document for your files the results of how you made the criteria determinations and answer "Yes", "No" or "Pending" on the NOI forms if you have met the criteria.