A Component of Request For Site Exam Application

Water Management Program, July 10, 2003
Siting a New or Expanding Source of Public Water Supply

EARLY NOTICE / Environmental Monitor

When siting or expanding a public water supply, the proponent shall publish a notice of the Request For Site Exam application in the Environmental Monitor** prior to the application filing with MassDEP. A copy of the published notice, as it appeared in the Environmental Monitor, must be submitted with the Request For Site Exam application.

Sample of an Early Notice:

[ Applicant name ] has applied to MassDEP for a Request for Site Exam application for siting or expanding a public water supply source to withdraw up to approximately ________ mgd of water from the ground or surface water of the [ basin name ] River Basin, in [ municipality ]. The location(s) of the withdrawal point(s) is/are: [ location ] .

Written comments on the granting of a MassDEP permit to conduct additional testing of the site for a new or expanded water supply withdrawal are to be filed within thirty (30) days of publication of this notice in the Environmental Monitor. The written comments are to be submitted to the Drinking Water Program Section Chief at the MassDEP [Western, Central, Northeast, or Southeast] Regional Office [address].

** The Early Notice publication in the Environmental Monitor is not to be confused with the MEPA/ENF notice required to be published in the Environmental Monitor at the time of the submittals for the Water Management Permit Application, BRP WM 03; and the Drinking Water BRP WS 19 Permit Application.


Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)