A Component of Request For Site Exam Application

Water Management Program, September 15, 2000
Siting a New or Expanding Source of Public Water Supply

ALTERNATIVE ANALYSIS / Water Management Program

For the proposed withdrawal noted in the Site Screening Worksheet, explain the alternative analysis used to select potential sites and water sources, including regional sources. Discuss public supply needs, water supply system interconnection and public health considerations. Costs must be discussed in terms of economic considerations including the cost of source development, treatment requirements and distribution improvements. Additional guidance on Alternative Analysis may be found in MEPA regulation, Alternatives to the Project, 301 CMR 11.07(6)(f).

If the Request For Site Exam involves an Interbasin Transfer application, the proponent must meet with DEM/Office of Water Resources before completing the Alternative Analysis.

Applicant must submit a narrative addressing the following sections:

Section 1: Cost Alternative
Section 2: Leak Detection Alternative
Section 3: Conservation and Demand Management Alternative
Section 4: Withdrawal Points Alternative
Section 5: No Action Alternative
Section 6: Other Alternative

For each section above, discuss each alternative in terms of:

  • Cost
  • Feasibility
  • Environmental effect (summarized)
  • Impact on others
  • Reduction in withdrawal volume (Sections 2 and 3)
  • Additional comments

Submit two copies of the Alternative Analysis response in the Drinking Water Request For Site Exam application.