Information to be Submitted to MassDEP for Proposed Wind and Solar Energy Projects on Lands Owned or Controlled By Public Water Systems for Drinking Water Purposes

This guideline applies to public water suppliers and their representatives requesting written approval from MassDEP to install wind and solar energy projects on lands held by public water systems for drinking water purposes. The Massachusetts Drinking Water Regulations, 310 CMR 22.21(1) and 22.21(3)(b), require activities in the Zone I to be limited to those directly related to the provision of public drinking water or that will have no significant adverse impact on water quality.

MassDEP supports wind and solar energy projects but also recognizes that lands that are under the control of public water systems have been identified as the most critical to protect public drinking water reservoirs and wells. In addition, these lands may be the future sites for new or replacement public water system sources. Pursuant to 310 CMR 22.24(1), public water suppliers must obtain written approval from MassDEP for projects proposed in these areas.

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Guidance for public water suppliers for proposed solar and wind projects on lands owned by public water systems. Updated March 2012.
PWSs and Wind/Solar Energy Projects Guidance  doc format of PWSs and Wind/Solar Energy Projects