Biogas Production

Using sludge from wastewater treatment plants can generate energy using anaerobic digestion that provides both heat and electricity.


Hydropower is the use of energy in flowing water to power systems such as mills for grinding or tooling or spinning a turbine/generator system to produce an electrical current.

Geothermal Integration

Ground source heat pump systems are a relatively new technology that uses the ambient temperature of the earth to heat and cool.

Chapter 91 Licensing & Renewable Energy

Many renewable energy projects, including wind, solar, and projects relying on wave, currents or tidal action are currently being proposed in and near the Commonwealth's waterways. Because these projects may require a Chapter 91 license, this fact sheet provides an overview of how some kinds of renewable energy proposals fit the public waterfront licensing requirements and how the facilities can be permitted in these areas.

Sustainable Water Resources

MassDEP is working to strike a balance between water withdrawals and water recharge increases in each of the state's watersheds through a policy of Keeping Water Local.