The Office of Program Planning and Support is responsible for overseeing information management for the Bureau of Resource Protection (BRP). Information management activities for the Bureau are diverse and increasingly complex. BRP progressively requires detailed data that can be manipulated for analysis quickly and effectively. The Bureau receives significant amounts of data primarily in paper format that does not facilitate timely and effective data entry and analysis. BRP has identified that electronic submission of forms and reports by the regulated community will improve information management and data quality. Enhancing the Department's website was also targeted as a mechanism to improve communication from the Department to constituents and the regulated community.

Fiscal Year 05 highlighted a year where several ambitious information management projects were initiated and completed.  The Bureau of Resource Protection will continue to expand upon and improve these activities in FY06, as well as begin new initiatives design to streamline information management within the Bureau. 

Public Facing Information Management Projects

The Bureau of Resource Protection has completed several projects that aid electronic submission of documents by regulated entities. These projects constituted a significant accomplishment for BRP in FY05 and are a subset of the overall Department eDEP initiative. BRP has developed online applications for the Wetland's Program including Notice of Intent (NOI) and Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) documents. Additionally, Conservation Commissions can file Orders of Conditions (OOCs) online.  BRP has also successfully deployed a public access database that facilitates online review of project status by applicants. 

BRP has also made significant progress in developing online drinking water reporting forms.  Phase I of this project will be completed in FY06.  Online groundwater forms are also operational and will undergo further refinement throughout FY06. 

In FY05 BRP participated in the Department-wide activity of improving the format and content of information contained on the Department's website. The goal of the website redesign was to present relevant and timely information to the public formatted in a manner that was logical and useful.  This project has been completed successfully and user feedback will be incorporated into ongoing website adjustments. 

Departmental Information Management Projects

BRP has actively worked with the Department's Compliance and Enforcement unit to develop templates for both the short and long form Notices of Noncompliance (NONs).  BRP will continue this effort as the Department's Information Technology Office (ITO) completes the information technology architecture that will support the C/E initiative. 

Federal Information Management Projects

BRP has worked with the Department's Information Technology Office to complete a network node to transfer data from the Department's Water Quality Testing System to the EPA using an EPA approved XML format.  The project will be finished in FY06 and represents significant improvement in data transfer capabilities.