How clean are Massachusetts' rivers, lakes, and ponds?

Is the water coming out of the faucet safe to drink?

Can we preserve the important functions wetlands provide to the state?

How do we incorporate energy using our state's natural resources?

The Bureau of Resource Protection's (BRP) Environmental Progress Report focuses on programmatic outcomes. Using this approach dramatically increases BRP's effectiveness in environmental protection. Goals are stated and steps to achieve these goals are explained in a summary and detailed workplan that contains the following:

  • An indicator of condition and an easy-to-understand description of why this is important and how we're doing;
  • A work plan that analyzes the data, describes the strong performance we're seeking to maintain, and outlines areas where environmental data drives changes in our work;
  • Links to more detailed information, from MassDEP databases to other relevant websites.

By developing goals and work plans, the Bureau of Resource Protection (BRP):

  • Presents what we know and what we don't know about the environmental condition of Massachusetts' water bodies,
  • Changes focus to work on what the data says are the most important problems, and
  • Is accountable for the results.