NOTE: Regulations governing industrial wastewater discharges to sewers were revised in January 2007. Learn more .

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) regulates the discharge, treatment and storage of industrial wastewater to preserve and protect inland and coastal surface waters, groundwater, and sewer systems.

MassDEP Industrial Wastewater regulations can be found at 310 CMR 70.00 and 314 CMR 2.00 to 314 CMR 12.00 and apply to businesses and facilities with the following Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes:

SIC Code Description
1000-1399 Metal Mining, Coal Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration
1474-1499 Chemical/Fertilizer Mining, Nonmetallic Minerals
2000-3999 Manufacturing
4231 Maintenance Facilities for Motor Freight Transport
4581 Airports, Flying Fields & Airport Terminal Service
4911-4939 Electric and Gas Production
4953 Refuse Systems
7216 Drycleaning (except rug cleaning)
7217 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
7218 Industrial Laundries
7384 Photofinishing Laboratories
7532-7539 Automotive Repair Shops & Paint Shops
7549 Automotive Services
7819 Motion Picture Developing /Printing/Film Processing
8062-8069 Hospitals
8071 Medical Laboratories
8072 Dental Laboratories
8731 Commercial Physical & Biological Research

Industrial wastewater may not be discharged to conventional septic systems, innovative/alternative (I/A) systems or cesspools except if approved by MassDEP under 310 CMR 15.004(4). On-site discharges of industrial wastewater must be to industrial wastewater holding tanks and containers.

If a discharge of industrial wastewater to an on-site system is being discontinued, the owner must not only comply with MassDEP requirements for holding tank and containers, but also must notify the agency's Underground Injection Control Program of the closure.