For Communities

State Revolving Fund
Information about the State Clean Water and Drinking Water Revolving Loan Funds, which provide financing for wastewater treatment and drinking water infrastructure projects.

The Community Septic Management Program
This program provides low-cost loans to communities to devise local inspection and septic management plans. Local inspection plans are intended to protect environmentally sensitive areas from contamination; septic management plans identify areas that need monitoring and maintenance.

For Homeowners

Title 5 / Septic Systems: Financial Assistance Opportunities for System Owners
Information about loans or tax credits available through MassHousing, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and community-based programs.

Title 5 & Septic System Frequently Asked Questions: Financing
Questions and answers on financial assistance opportunities, tax credits, and eligible projects or costs.

A betterment is a financial agreement between a homeowner and the community. Betterment loans enable homeowners to upgrade, repair, or replace an on-site septic system. These loans are arranged at the community level with the assistance of the local Board of Health.