Supermarkets, restaurants, hospital cafeterias, school cafeterias, and other facilities from which grease can be expected to be discharged, are required to install grease traps to handle waste from food preparation areas. These types of facilities that are connected to septic systems must have exterior grease traps. Automotive facilities should contact the UIC program at 617-292-5859 to find out more about the requirements for the grease drain/trap.

Grease traps must be inspected monthly and must be cleaned by a licensed septage hauler whenever the level of grease is 25% of the effective depth of the trap, or at least every three months, whichever is sooner.

Pumping and Inspection results are sent to the local Board of Health.

It is the system owner's responsibility to ensure that grease traps are pumped regularly and maintained.

Contact your local Board of Health for a listing of licensed septage haulers able to pump out grease traps.

Please see 310 CMR 15.230 for the Title 5 regulatory requirements as they relate to grease traps.

For questions regarding the relationship between grease traps, Title 5 and the State Plumbing Code, please follow this link to a 2011 advisory: Grease Trap Advisory - October 24, 2011  pdf format of Grease Trap Advisory - October 24, 2011