The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) is committed to supporting the use of innovative, technology-based solutions to environmental challenges across the state. Recognizing that innovative technology (IT) holds the potential for delivering better, more cost-effective environmental results, MassDEP has built a network of services to encourage IT development and use.

What is an Innovative Technology?

An IT can be an entirely new technology; one that has been proven effective in certain fields but not yet applied to problems; or one that is accepted and commonly used in other states or countries but is new to Massachusetts.

How does MassDEP assist IT developers?

For vendors of innovative, technology-based solutions to environmental problems, MassDEP will identity the regulatory issues that may affect its use or marketing; help generate credible, independent data on its performance; provide referrals to sources of business planning and financial assistance; and provide guidance on the applicable MassDEP permitting pathway. And MassDEP will share what it learns about the IT with internal staff, STEP partner agencies, environmental regulators in other states, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How does MassDEP help potential IT users?

If you are contemplating the use of a specific IT, you need to be sure that it will be an appropriate and effective solution for your site or project; what its benefits and drawbacks are likely to be; and whether it will deliver environmental results that are at least as good as, if not better than, conventional alternatives. MassDEP will clarify the regulatory requirements and guide you to the appropriate office within the agency for permitting assistance. We will also refer you to independent sources of additional information about the technology you are considering, as well as any alternatives that may be available.

Does the use of IT affect the way MassDEP regulates a project or site?

No. Regardless of whether an innovative technology or a conventional approach is going to be used, the same stringent environmental performance standards apply. At the same time, MassDEP recognizes that many of its regulations were written before certain IT solutions were developed or even contemplated. So, if an existing rule unintentionally impedes the use of an IT that offers the potential of superior environmental protection, we will review the regulation, consult with other stakeholders, and make adjustments if they are warranted.

Does MassDEP endorse specific IT solutions?

No. MassDEP does not recommend or suggest the use of specific technologies. The agency's role is to facilitate deployment of technologies developed or chosen by others if they are likely to deliver environmental results equivalent or superior to those expected from the use of conventional approaches. IT Program assistance is not required to receive approvals from MassDEP, and IT Program assistance is not an endorsement or recommendation for use of a technology.

How can I learn more or obtain state assistance?

For information or help from MassDEP, please call us or visit us on the Web.

Phone Numbers:

  • MassDEP Boston/IT Program: 617-556-1128
  • MassDEP Boston/IT Program Fax: 617-556-1006
  • MassDEP Central (Worcester): 508-792-7683
  • MassDEP Metro/Northeast (Wilmington): 978-694-3200
  • MassDEP Southeast (Lakeville): 508-946-2714
  • MassDEP Western (Springfield): 413-784-1100 x214