Individuals become approved Soil Evaluators or System Inspectors by taking a designated class and passing a written examination. The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission administers classes and examinations on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For information about upcoming classes you can:

  • Email the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission ( and write "MA Title 5 training" in the subject line;
  • View their website directly where they advertise the trainings; or
  • Contact NEIWPCC at:
    Wannalancit Mills
    650 Suffolk Street, Suite 410
    Lowell, MA 01854

People already on the waiting list will receive notification directly by NEIWPCC once trainings are scheduled.

Massachusetts Professional Engineers (PE's) with a concentration in civil, sanitary or environmental engineering automatically qualify as System Inspectors under Title 5. However, they must provide documentation of their status to NEIWPCC, e.g., a photocopy of their license. Send proof to NEIWPCC at the address above.

For more information, see

Proofs of Qualification for System Inspector Classes

If you are …You need …
Board of Health member or agentLetterhead correspondence stating status, or membership ID card
Engineer-in-Training (EIT certified)Copy of certifying document
Professional Home InspectorBusiness card
Copy of a recent home inspection with your name as inspector
Letterhead correspondence from owner of home inspection company verifying experience
Licensed Septage HaulerCopy of current license
Employee of Licensed Septage HaulerLetterhead correspondence from Licensed Septage Hauler verifying one year of experience inspecting septic systems
Licensed Septic System InstallerCopy of city/town permit to install septic systems
Employee of Licensed Septic System InstallerLetterhead correspondence from owner/operator of installing company verifying experience
Other individualLetterhead correspondence from employer or responsible party verifying experience
Registered Professional Engineer with concentration in civil, sanitary, or environmental engineering (examination not required)Copy of state registration or P.E. stamp
Certified Health Officer (examination not required)Copy of certification
Registered Sanitarian (examination not required)Copy of certification


Online Training Resource

  • "Learn Title 5"
    An online tutorial designed specifically for Board of Health members, produced by the Barnstable County Department of Health and the Environment.

License-Renewal Information

Under Title 5, all System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators are required to renew their approval on a 3-year cycle.  In addition, they must obtain 10 hours of approved continuing education training (training contact hours, or TCHs) during this 3-year renewal period if this is a subsequent (2nd, 3rd, etc.) renewal. TCHs are not required for 1st- time renewals. In order to maintain their approvals, System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators must submit a renewal form, proof of 10 TCHs (if subsequent renewal), and a fee of $100 by or before the current approval expiration date.

A reduced renewal fee of $75 has been authorized for System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators who are Board of Health employees. Eligibility is limited to municipal employees who serve as Board of Health inspector, health agent, or director. Volunteer Board members and private contracted agents/inspectors are NOT eligible.

For more information and a detailed list of questions answers about license renewals, see, or contact NEIWPCC’s Massachusetts Certification Hotline at 978-323-7929 x105 or email to:

Updating Directory Information

Inspectors or Evaluators wanting to correct their information on NEIWPCC’s listings should contact Paul Spina at the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission: call 978-323-7929 ext. 105, or write to:

Paul Spina
Information Officer, Wastewater and On-Site Programs
650 Suffolk Street, Suite 410
Lowell, MA 01854