About Estuaries

  • Why Are Estuaries Important?

    The significance of estuaries for economic and ecological health - an educational page from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • 310 CMR 12.00: Adopting Coastal Wetlands Orders

    Procedures for issuing activity-restriction orders in coastal wetlands areas.

  • The Massachusetts Estuaries Project and Reports

    Many people know that nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen are contained in fertilizers, and when overused can cause water pollution problems that require corrective action. But the impacts of excessive nutrient pollution to coastal communities from wastewater disposal systems and storm water runoff are not understood as well. The Massachusetts Estuaries Project was developed to determine current nutrient loads and assist in the evaluation of future nutrient load scenarios for estuaries located in Southeastern Massachusetts coastal communities.

Project Reports

Restoration Guidance

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