Vegetated Buffer Strips: Slow the Flow to Protect Water Quality
Vegetated buffer strips along lakes and streams can protect and improve water quality on your property and in your community.

Horsekeeping & Water Quality: A Horse Owner's Guide to Protecting Massachusetts Natural Resources
Best management practices to ensure the protection of the environment and the health of your horse.

Horsekeeping & Water Quality: Composting
How composting manure benefits the environment and protects horses' health.

Horsekeeping: Protecting Public Health & Drinking Water
Potential risks from pasture runoff, and what horse owners can do to prevent contamination of water supplies, including recommended well setback distances from manure piles.

Horsekeeping: Information Sources
Useful links for information about environmentally-responsible horsekeeping.

Horsekeeping & Water Quality: Manure Management for Healthy Horses
How proper manure management ensures the health of both horses and the environment.

Horsekeeping & Water Quality: Manure Impacts on Surface Water Quality
How proper manure management prevents water pollution.

Horsekeeping & Water Quality: The Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and Single Family Home/Horse Ownership
How the Wetlands Protection Act impacts horse owners.

Water Quality & Horsekeeping: Mud and Pasture Management
Controlling mud buildup in pastures to preserve the health of horses and the environment.

Manure Management: Protecting Water Resources from Nutrient Pollution pdf format of Protecting Water Resources from Nutrient Pollution
From the Massachusetts Department of Food & Agriculture, best management practices for preventing animal waste from contaminating groundwater.