Water use restrictions for Massachusetts communities. Updated September 28, 2016.

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Alphabetical list of towns with water-use restrictions pdf format of Municipal Water Use Restrictions List
doc format of                             Municipal Water Use Restrictions List

About Water Use Restrictions

MassDEP monitors municipal outdoor water use restrictions from May 1st to September 30th each year. Water use restrictions and bans are put into place by water suppliers for several reasons. Water use restrictions generally restrict nonessential outdoor watering; this includes activities such as watering your lawn. Suppliers may need to restrict water use because they have difficulty keeping up with peak summer demands, there is a short-term operational issue that necessitates limiting use, or they may be required by MassDEP to implement restrictions to help ensure that there is enough water in our rivers, ponds and streams to support native wildlife and habitat. Regardless of the reason for the water restrictions, these controls help to preserve water for essential in-home uses such as water for drinking, as well for emergency needs such as firefighting. Sometimes, water suppliers may request that their consumers voluntarily reduce their water use in an attempt to avoid having to make water use restrictions mandatory.  

Emergency restrictions or bans on nonessential water use are often a last resort for a water supplier; a final measure to reduce water consumption by their consumers. The restrictions imposed by suppliers vary, but often include limitations on the hours of the day you may water, the days per week you may water, limitations on automatic sprinklers or irrigation systems, or may be a complete ban on outdoor watering. To find out why a community has enacted a non-essential water use restriction and the details of those restrictions, please contact your local water supplier or local government.


Contact your municipal public water supplier for updated restriction information: Public Water Supply Contact List for Water Use Restrictions  pdf format of PWS Contact List for Water Use Restrictions
xls format of                             PWS Contact List for Water Use Restrictions

If you have any questions regarding this map, or if you represent a Public Water Supply and would like to add your community to the map, please contact Jen D'Urso at MassDEP, Jen.DUrso@state.ma.us or 617-654-6591.

Water Supplier Notification Form

Public water suppliers that implement mandatory restrictions are required to notify MassDEP by submitting the Notification of Water Use Restriction form doc format of Notification of Water Use Restriction
pdf format of                             Notification of Water Use Restriction                to the Water Management Act Program in MassDEP's Boston office.

Drought Advisory Letter to Water Management Act Permittees  pdf format of Drought Advisory for Water Management Act Permittees

Although many areas of the state experienced some beneficial rainfall in November, totals for the month were below normal and serious drought conditions continue across Massachusetts. Therefore, on December 9, 2016, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton declared that the following drought levels will remain in place throughout the Commonwealth: Drought Warning (severe drought conditions with over six consecutive months of below normal groundwater and stream flow) continues for the Northeast, Southeast, Central, Connecticut River Valley, and Western Regions of Massachusetts; and Drought Advisory (abnormally dry conditions with precipitation levels below normal for six out of seven consecutive months) continues on the Cape and Islands.

Drought Management

Information on drought management, drought maps, and a list of Massachusetts towns by drought region.  Also links to the Massachusetts Drought Management Task Force page.

Drought Information from EOEEA

Status updates, maps, frequently-asked questions, conservation tips, and other resources, provided by the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs.

EEA Press Release: Portion of Commonwealth Returns to Normal Drought Level, Water Deficit Continues Throughout State - April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017 update of drought conditions in parts of Massachusetts, issued by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.