Carr, J. 2010. Mystic River Watershed 2004-2008 Water Quality Assessment Report. CN170.2 Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Watershed Management, Worcester, MA.

The following errors were found after publication of this report.

Pg. xi, Figure 1: Aquatic Life Use
Sales Creek(MA71-12) is mislabeled (MA71-13). The label (MA71-12) is misplaced. See Figure 2: Fish Consumption Use (Pg. xiii) for an accurate labeling of these waterbodies.

Pg 31, 32 Mystic River (Segment MA71-03)
The NPDES Permit summary in the segment information should include Sithe Mystic LLC (MA0004740).

Pg. 36 Sales Creek (Segment MA71-12)

The segment length is incorrect and the segment classification needs further clarification.
The segment length should read: Segment Length: 0.008 square miles.

The segment classification should read:
Segment Classification: SA/ORW (NOTE: Although Sales Creek is currently classified in the SWQS as a Class SA/ORW since it is a tributary to Belle Isle Inlet, it is separated from Belle Isle Inlet by a tide gate and does not function as a tidal system. It is recommended that this waterbody be reclassified in the next revision of the SWQS as a Class B/ORW.)