River's Edge is an innovative economic development project spanning three communities - Everett, Malden, and Medford. The site is a mixed-use project featuring residences, commercial property, parkland, and the Tufts University Boathouse.

A key facet of the River's Edge project was restoration of a portion of the Malden River, a tributary of the Mystic River. The project includes a 10-acre riverfront park featuring a 2000-foot walkway with views of the river and its wildlife.

Things to Do:

  • Go for a walk or run
  • Walk the dog
  • Enjoy nature
  • Bird-watch
  • Bask in the sun
  • Take in the view

What you will find:

  • Public Walkway
  • Educational Signage
  • Recreational Area

More Information:

River's Edge Website