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  • BRP WM 01 - Water Management Permit/Registration Transfer

    Request for a complete or partial transfer of the right to withdraw water that was provided through the issuance of a Water Management Act Program registration or permit. Revised March 2006.

  • BRP WM 02 - Water Management Permit Amendments

    Water Management Act Permit Amendments for decreasing authorized permit volumes, changing the location of withdrawal point(s), adding withdrawal point(s), changing water use, changing permit conditions, or changing location of discharge point(s). Revised May 2009.

  • BRP WM 03 - Water Management Withdrawal Permits

    MassDEP reviews requests to withdraw water over 100,000 gallons per day annually from watersheds to ensure that new withdrawals will not negatively impact water resources or existing users. Revised June 2007.

  • Water Management Act 20-Year Permit Renewal Application

    This application form is for Water Management permittees who do not anticipate needing more water during the upcoming 20-year permit period than they are currently permitted for in their Water Management Act permit.

  • Water Conservation Questionnaire  pdf format of Water Conservation Questionnaire
    This questionnaire is based on the Water Conservation Standards for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which were approved by the Water Resources Commission.
  • WRC Water Needs Forecasting  pdf format of WRC Water Needs Forecasting

    The Water Resources Commission's policy for developing water-needs forecasts for public water suppliers and communities, and the methodology for implementation.

  • EPA Asset Management and Debt Capacity Tool  xlsm format of EPA Asset Management and Debt Capacity Tool
file size 4MB

    Water Management Act (WMA) permit applicants may request a cost feasibility assessment in conjunction with their mitigation plan. The purpose of the assessment is to assist MassDEP in determining if the applicant has proposed a mitigation plan that will both meet the conditions of their WMA permit and is feasible for the applicant to finance over the term of their permit. This Excel-based tool, intended to help wastewater and drinking water utilities develop an asset management plan and plan for long-term financial health, my be used by applicants to submit their 10-year budget.

Water Management Act Program - Permits & Decisions

  • Draft Water Management Act Permits, 2016

    Draft Water Management Act permits are posted here as they become available for review. A copy of the draft permit and contact information for public comments are available on this page.

  • Water Management Act Permits & Decisions

    Water Management Act final permits and decisions. MassDEP issues permits that balance water use protection, water conservation, and reasonable economic development.

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