• The Watershed Management Approach

    The main strategy employed by MassDEP to protect and maintain water quality is the implementation of the Watershed Management Approach. A phased holistic program for watershed-based assessment, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) evaluation, permitting, and implementation has been adopted by MassDEP's Bureau of Resource Protection (BRP) to address its Watershed Management goals.

  • Adjustments to Surface Water Monitoring Program

    Adjustments to MassDEP's schedule for watershed monitoring.

  • Water Quality Monitoring Strategy for Massachusetts  pdf format of Mass. Water Quality Monitoring Strategy
doc format of                             Mass. Water Quality Monitoring Strategy

    A long-range plan for collecting and using monitoring data from Massachusetts water bodies.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Information about MassDEP river, lake and coastal monitoring to identify and control sources of water pollution.

  • Massachusetts Probabilistic Monitoring and Assessment Program Sampling Schedule

    MassDEP is sampling random stream and river segments for water quality. See what we're looking for and when we'll be there.

  • Environmental Monitoring: Biomonitoring

    Habitat assessments and biological sampling help determine the health of a waterbody to support aquatic life, which is a key indicator of overall environmental health.

  • Environmental Monitoring: Quality Management Program

    A five-year programmatic Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP) documents all aspects of the MassDEP surface water monitoring program, from goal-setting to results.

  • Environmental Monitoring: Data Management

    The systems that work together to validate and verify the monitoring data used to meet MassDEP's obligations under state and federal clean water legislation.

  • Environmental Monitoring for Volunteers

    Surface water monitoring by individual volunteers, school groups, stream teams, watershed associations, and others is a valuable component of DEP's approach to watershed management.

  • External Data Submittals to the Watershed Planning Program

    MassDEP welcomes submittal of quality-assured surface water data at any time. This information may be used by DWM-WPP to make decisions regarding surface water quality assessments as required by Sections 305(b) and 303(d) of the Clean Water Act (CWA). This is guidance for the submittal of water quality data to the DWM-WPP by external data providers. External data providers may include volunteer monitoring organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, stream teams, grantees, watershed associations, environmental consultants and others.