Please refer to this checklist before filing an Environmental Notification Form (ENF).

1. Have you included these items with your submittal:

  • One original signed ENF pdf format of Environmental Notification Form
  • One additional copy of original signed ENF
  • One additional copy of the first three pages of ENF - including project description
  • One original U.S.G.S. map or good quality color copy
  • ENF Distribution List
  • Site Plans

2. Notice to be Published no more than 30 days before submittal:

  • Have you published a notice of ENF filing in local newspaper?
  • Have you indicated in ENF form Certification section, the name of the newspaper(s) and date the notice will be published?

3. Distribution List:

Have you sent copies of ENF and map to all participating agencies?

4. Findings and Certification:

Have you signed ENF?

Note: ENF filing fees were eliminated when the MEPA regulations were revised in 1998.