MEPA Online allows you to access the MEPA Project Tracking System database. This database records, among other things, all decisions by the Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs on Environmental Notification Forms, Environmental Impact Reports, and Notices of Project Change submitted for MEPA review. 

MEPA review is a public process that involves evaluation of the potentially harmful environmental impacts of certain projects pursuant to 301 CMR 11.00 (the MEPA Regulations). 

If you have specific questions concerning the MEPA review process, see answers to frequently asked MEPA questions or, for more detailed information, see the MEPA Regulations

This database is provided solely as a courtesy to facilitate public access to projects undergoing MEPA review. Data records are available on projects reviewed by MEPA from 1972 to the present. Projects reviewed before the database was created in 1991 may contain less information. 

In December 1998, new fields for thresholds, watershed, and geographical information were added. Therefore, projects reviewed prior to 1998 will not contain information in those fields. Definitions of terms used in this database are available in an online Glossary for the MEPA Regulations .

Please read the Legal Disclaimer before you use the database.

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