Welcome to the new Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Website. We hope you find that our new homepage is easy to navigate in order to obtain information on projects that are either currently under review by the MEPA Office or have been reviewed in the past. In the coming months, we will be introducing an electronic filing system for the submission of environmental review documents, electronic submission of comments for projects under review, and on-line review of project files.

The MEPA Office is part of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. EEA is led by the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs. On behalf of the Secretary, the MEPA Office conducts reviews of the environmental impacts of development projects and other activities that require one or more State Agency Actions and that exceed MEPA review thresholds, as specified in the MEPA regulations. State Agency Actions include the granting of state permits or licenses, providing state financial assistance, or transferring state-owned land.

Within this site you can find information about the MEPA regulations and review process. Project proponents and consultants can obtain forms and instructions for filing documents. Members of the public can find out about projects under review and how to submit comments on a project under review. We also provide access to information on past projects through an on-line databases . The MEPA Office posts The Environmental Monitor online twice each month. The Monitor has information on projects under review, recent decisions of the Secretary, and public notices from environmental agencies. Past issues from 2002 through September 9, 2009 are available at our on-line archives . Issues published since September 23, 2009 are available on the Environmental Monitor page .

If the current issue of the Environmental Monitor does not appear on your computer screen on or after the applicable publication date, please click on Refresh. Otherwise, If you are having a problem with this website, please send a message to josephine.wixon@state.ma.us and erin.flaherty@state.ma.us. In order to receive e-mail reminders of the availability of the Environmental Monitor, please send a message to josephine.wixon@state.ma.us.