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  • December / January Farm and Market Report

  • Pesticide Program

    The Pesticide Program is a part of the Division of Crop & Pest Services of the Department of Agricultural Resources. The Pesticide Program carries out the day to day responsibilities of regulating pesticides in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Pesticide Program also acts as support staff for the Pesticide Board and Pesticide Board Subcommittee.

  • Massachusetts Approved Shelter and Rescue Organizations

    Those organizations who are listed as 'In State' may only sell or adopt out animals which originate from Massachusetts or are surrendered by owners from adjoining states. This is because they do not have the facilities to isolate animals which are brought in from outside of Massachusetts. This is required because the state of Massachusetts has no oversight of these out-of state facilities. 48 hours isolation in an approved facility is required to allow dogs to recover from the stress of travel so their health status can be more accurately assessed. Those facilities listed as Out-of States have approved isolation facilities.