• MDAR's Boards and Commissions

    The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources mission to support, regulate, and promote the Commonwealth’s agricultural future is enhanced by the various boards and commissions upon which the Department draws expertise and guidance. Current and statutorily authorized boards include the Agricultural Lands Preservation Committee (ALPC), Dairy Promotion Board, Farm Technology Review Commission (FTRC), Food and Agriculture Board, Pesticide Board, and State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board.

  • Regulations & Statutes

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    The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources General Counsel and legal staff represent MDAR in various legal matters, review contracts and other legal documents, and assist Department staff in interpreting laws relating to agriculture and other topics relevant to Department programs.  

  • Agricultural Commissions

    Under Massachusetts law, communities can create committees at the town level that serve in the interest of that town. One type of these committees is an Agricultural Commission (AgCom).

  • Food Policy Council

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    On November 7, 2010, the MA Food Policy Council was effective, enacted as Chapter 277 of the Acts of 2010, “An Act establishing the Massachusetts food policy council,” Statute M.G.L. c.20, Section 6C, creating the 17-member Food Policy Council (“FPC”).

    The Council includes four members from the legislature including two from the House of Representatives, one appointed by the majority and one by the minority leader; and two members from the Senate, one appointed by the majority and one by the minority.  Six members include representatives of various agencies within the Executive branch, and seven industry representatives are appointed by the Governor from groups within the food production and marketing chain.